Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Cameras - First Pictures

It's a birthday present - a secondhand Canon EOS 300D, and it's my first ever digital camera. I don't quite know how this will affect the strong bond I have with my 1981 Canon AE-1... I still love my film camera!
So, what do you do with a new toy? Play with it first thing, of course! On a crisp wintery day in Canberra, these are my fist pics - simple things, right before my eyes. No beautiful compositions or trick photography... quietly, the view from the kitchen window... my dog.... my mum who is down visiting... simple things.
Strange that the technology feels simple too! Point, shoot, download - too easy!
Will I come to love digital technology more than film?
Can you beat the feeling of picking up an anticipated roll of film after developing? Holiday memories relived in images, which you can hold in your hand, pin to your fridge or frame on your wall.
Digital is just not the same - but it still has it's uses. What do things look like on the other side of the world? Snap, email - THAT'S what they look like!
I guess only time will tell...