Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Blog Lost

This blog never started as a travel blog, though it seemed to hit its stride while I was in Tonga. Now that I'm back, the last three months of silence seem to speak for themselves. But unlike some of my fellow bloggers, I had no plans to retire She Who Hesitates is Lost upon my return. It's just been finding stuff that's interesting enough to blog about that's been the problem!

Last night I had a bit of a rant to C about how much bullshit I sometimes feel surrounded by. Like, yesterday I actually had a conversation with a group of intelligent, articulate women about SHAMPOOING HAIR! That's right - we talked about how often one should or shouldn't wash hair, how to manage that greasy feeling, and blah blah blah. For real.

I'm not much of a conspiracy theorest, but sometimes I think that getting women (ok, a lot of men feel like this too these days, with the advent of metrosexual expectations and - hey! - the identification of another ready market) to spend time obsessing about appearance and other superficialities is a good way to distract us all from getting on with living and actually achieveing anything worthwhile. Because - newsflash! - deciding whether to wash every day or every second day is NOT living.

I have been shocked to suddenly wake up and see what I'm surrounded by. It seems insecurity is the new normal - when did that happen? Why do so many girls love the Twilight books? Is it because the protagonist is so fucked up and insecure that they finally have a 'heroine' they can identify with? When did we stop wanting to identify with strong female characters, and start buying books by the truckload about whiny insecure bitches who spend MONTHS of their lives obsessing over a guy who left them, because - in their mind - they were not good enough? STFU Bella, I'm talking 'bout you!

For the record, I enjoyed reading the series, but I did spend a lot of the time I did so wishing I could shake the stupid right out of Bella's head. For what it's worth, I was so glad when in Book 4 (spoiler alert!) she finally becomes a vampire so she can stop whingeing about how she's not worthy. Girls, this is NOT a lesson you should be learning! Oh, and every time a vampire sparkles, God kills a puppy!