Sunday, September 23, 2007

Springtime in Narooma

It was time for a break - so Isa and Clinton loaded up Moby the Subaru and headed off to Pub Hill Farm in Narooma, the Greatest Holiday Venue Ever for dogs, it turns out. Not wanting Friday to miss out, we chose a dog-friendly B&B, and boy, was it dog-friendly! Friday was able to roam the massive garden at her leisure and in the company of the 4 resident Border Collies. Also present were a German Shepherd, and two Scotty Terriers. There was a creek to swim in, and she was even permitted in our room!
This is the view from the deck, down to Wagonga Inlet.

The little log cabin which was our room was covered in this fragrant blossom, which began to waft over us in the evening.

The first morning we woke up very early, and headed down to the Inlet for an explore before breakfast. It was pretty swampy in parts, though the mangrove-type roots made for a nice pic in the morning light.

On the deck of our temporary home, playing with the camera. I was so excited to finally find a 1GB compact flash card for my second-hand Canon EOS..right until the bloody battery gave out!

Seems like now is the time when everything is in flower, including this gorgeous wisteria.

And this magnolia!

Looking out at Little Dromedary Mountain from Central Tilba

We went and saw the Foxglove Spires garden - 6 1/2 acres of gardens laid out in "romantic abandonment". They'd even built a fake church ruin!

My what a good-looking couple!

The gorgeous little Anglican church perched above Tilba Tilba. Looming above it is the massive Gulaga, or Mt Dromedary.

When I told the pastor (who was making tea inside) that I was from Canberra she responded with, "Oh well, everyone's got to come from somewhere!"

It was around this time that my camera battery died on me (RIP).
It was a lovely weekend, even despite not having the full complement of photos!