Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dry July

I'm doing Dry July this year. It's harder than I thought it would be, which surprises me. I mean, it's not like I have to hike up a mountain, or shave my head, or whaever else; I don't actively have to DO anything, all I have to do, essentially is NOT do. And who would think that NOT DOING would be harder than doing?

It's not that I'm a heavy drinker, but I am a regular drinker. Those days where you come home from work gagging for a glass of wine? I have a few of those! When I first moved to WA the glass of wine was more like half a bottle, and the 'regular' meant every day. But things have settled down now, and while I thought it would be a slight challenge to get through 31 days without booze I didn't actually think it would be too difficult. WRONG!
Dad pouring champagne at our wedding - 2009

The idea of Dry July holds a lot of significance for me this year. Having lost my Dad to cancer so recently, I wanted to do something proactive, and the idea of giving up alcohol had particular resonance. So much of my adult relationship with Dad was characterised by alcohol, from knowing he would always have a good bottle laid on when we visited, to him selecting the wine list for my wedding. Then, following his diagnosis late last year, as his cancer meds kicked in, he could no longer stomach wine. Watching him having to give up something he loved and that had given him so much pleasure for so many years was difficult. Certainly more difficult than going without a glass or two myself.

Then when he died I drank a lot. The week between his death and the funeral I opened three bottles of whisky; I didn't drink them all myself, but I did drink a lot of them.

So I really am doing this for my Dad, in honour of the fact that he himself had to give up alcohol (as well as so much else) as cancer took over his life. And the funds I'm raising are going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, because the John Hunter Hospital in Singleton gave Dad a terrible time, and after what he and his wife went through with them I couldn't just couldn't support raisining money for a hospital (though I know plenty of people have much more positive experiences; it just wasn't right for my fundraising efforts at this time).

It's been two weeks now, with 17 days to go (and yes I AM counting them!). If you feel inclined you can support my cause here Dry July for Col

So bottoms up, but make mine a fruit juice!