Tuesday, November 06, 2007

OK, so, the UberPeg&Drew crew had an engagement shindig on the weekend, and I promised to post some pics on the 'ole Blog. Now I know that I am the eldest cousin, and Drew is a full 3 1/2 years younger than my ancient self, but during the occasion it seemed that normally taboo subjects such as when was I going to get married?, and when was I going to have babies? became the topic of the day. Ho hum, I guess that's why they supply you with plenty of booze at these things! ;-P
Nonetheless a good time was had by all, and the Griffiths put on a great bash, proving themselves big enough drinkers to be welcomed into the clan with open arms!

L to R: Camille, David, Christine, Drew (the engagee), Colin, and my good self...about 2 seconds after this pic was taken Drew & Camille got into a bit of sibling biffo, and we all came tumbling down...

Two gorgeous cousins!

Myself & Clinton, all dressed up and ready to catch the Toronto Hire Car to the party

Is it any wonder such a charmer has been snapped up for marriage?!

The lovely yound Pauline gets cozy (or should that be "boozy"?) with her future mother-in-law

The Day After (stupid blogspot has got the images out of order)

Chris with her favourite big brother Colin

Colin and his romantic poem, written especially for Drew & Peg in 15 minutes (more like 3 hours!)

The happy couple

Colin in full poem reading stance....