Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tonga Bound!

I know the tag-line of this Blog is something about "Navigating and photographing my way around the world", and I am quite aware that there hasn't been much global action going on, but never fear, all that is about to change!

On Monday 7 July I fly to Tonga as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD), to take up a position as the Heritage Project Coordinator of the Tongan Visitors Bureau. My assignment outcomes include curating a new exhibition at the Cultural Centre, assessing and training up the staff there, finding and attracting sponsorship and other financial assistance, and writing an Interpretive Plan for the cultural and heritage sites of, oh, the whole country!

Given the realities of being on Tongan Time I'm not quite sure how much of this I'll actually accomplish. I guess the best thing to do is get there, and assess the situation, see what would be most beneficial and have the most long-term impact in terms of sustainability and community development.

Ah, fun times ahead!

So stay tuned, because the Overseas Adventure is about to begin!