Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hair is a renewable resource!

BEFORE.... (taken this morning)
That's what I tell people after it emerges that I once shaved my head. Well, it's true! Ok, unless you're a male suffering from pattern baldness... but in my case, and in the case of all the women I know, hair is a renewable resource, so if one day you do something whacky and shave it all off, who cares - it'll grow back.
Women can be so precious about their hair. I was getting precious about mine too, I have to admit. I refused to go to a Just Cuts in January to get a haircut when I needed one, opting instead to let it grow until I could afford the $150-odd bucks to go to "my" hairdresser. It's been many many years (like, 10) since I've given myself a haircut. But that all changed today.

Inspired by a weekend away camping, driving around in my new set of wheels with the wind blowing in my face - and, more irritatingly, the hair also blowing in my face, tickling my cheeks and getting in my eyes - I decided enough was enough, and I was just going to cut the bloody stuff myself.

You probably have no idea how liberating it feels - not just the sense of no more hair on my head, but being able to walk into the bathroom with a pair of scissors and a plastic bag, and emerge 20 minutes later sans long ugly hair - wow! I'm so proud of myself! Not only did I save myself a pricey visit to the hairdresser, but I took the maxim I've been doling out for years - that Hair is a renewable resource - and made it mine once again. And you know what, it doesn't even look too bad, either!
AFTER...(Taken just now!)