Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big Walk - Tops to Myall Heritage Trail (part I)

At Wombat Creeek campsite, at the end of Day 1 - three hours of walking straight up (the ascent is 1000m over 10km!)

"We're all gonna DIE!" Starting out at Lagoon Pinch, Barrington Tops (L to R: Isa, Al, Skye)

The bush track through Barrington Tops NP

Day 1 seemed like a hard slog, but at least we were mentally prepared for it - we'd heard the rumours that it was just straight uphill, and it tunred out those rumours were correct! Still, we arrived in good spirits. 10km didn't seem too far to walk, even if it was straight up!

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Jules said...

Thank you for taking the time to blog about your journey.
It is honestly the most comprehensive trip report about the trail that I have been able to source anywhere. I am sure the last 12 years has seen it become even more overgrown than when you walked it.