Friday, September 01, 2006

Tops to Myall part V

Making full use of the facilities, we toast our wet clothes by the heat of the electric BBQ
Scribblybark gum

The clothesline at Myall Shores up-market caravan park. The wet clothes are all ours.

Jetty at Korseman's Landing

Day 9 was another full day of walking (our last, as it turned out), being frustrated by the vagueness of the trail notes and ending up at Korseman's Landing by a circuitous route which turned out to bear no resemblance to the "correct" path. menatlly composing rude letters to the Lions Club of Tea Gardens kept the mind occupied.

Korseman's Landing has an old jetty, which was a lovely place to view the world in the time we were there. Especially as it distanced us from our loud drinking neighbours, who had the music blaring until 2am, and then woke up hung over and noisy at 5 to attend the Anzac day dawn service...

day 10 was a brief trot into Myall Shores/Legges Camp, basically a glorified caravan park, charging outrageous prices for shampoo and accomodation. Given the fact that it started to rain torrentially and constantly as we walked into the encampment, we were happy enough to pay the requisite $72 to doss down in a cabin the size of a pantry, because it was DRY. And we got to have hot showers - hurrah!

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