Monday, February 05, 2007

High School Reunion

Some of the Class of '96

L to R: Ayu, Carol (deliberately ruining my photo!), and Kirsty

This man was my high-school sweetheart, now look at him!

L to R: Amanda, Ellis, and I. Ten years ago, we were partners in crime! Now, we illustrate how the girls have blossomed in beauty over 10 years!

So, the inevitable 10 year reunion, huh.
Those who i spoke to about it beforehand knew that i was less than enthused about the whole thing, but, as my friend carol put it on the night, "With expectations that low you were bound to have a good time!"
It's painted as one of those pivotal life experiences, like one's first day at school, or discovering your ex-boyfriend's profile on, something we don't necessarily look forward to but which has some kind of rite-of-passage status in our society.
It was interesting to see how some people had changed, and how a very few hadn't. Gossip centred on who'd 'come out', and who'd had work done. But overall it was a fun night, proving once again what a useful social lubricant alcohol can be. I was definitely glad i went, though it certainly wasn't a profound experience, more a fun night out, which you know is a one-off and are pleased to be there precisely for that reason.
The women all looked gorgeous, and the boys - well, ten years seems to equal more gut and less hair as a general rule!

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