Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Little Gecko

There's a little gecko who lives in my room. When I'm in bed reading, he comes and hangs out on the wall next to my bed, snapping up any bugs that are attracted by the light.

Lately, he's been joined by a second gecko. I don't know if it's a female, or a young one, but it's smaller and more timid than My Little Gecko. I haven't been able to get any pics of her yet, she's too fast. But sometimes they both come, one on the bedside table and the other on the wall, and they just look at me. I wonder how I feature in their own mythology, if at all?
This is the closest thing I have to animal companionship in Tonga.


Dash said...

ohhhh? no crazy stray dogs that wait at your door for you to leave in the morning? That may or may not have rabies....?

Isa said...

There are plenty of crazy stray dogs that take umbridge at me riding my bike down a street they happen to live on, and race after me with jaws gaping and rabid saliva drooling at my heels, but none that I think of as companionship material, no!