Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last post from Tonga...

To conclude my blogging in Tonga, I'd like to leave you with my list of all the things I'll miss about this place. I daresay a few more will crop up once I get home.

Things I will Miss about Tonga:

* Riding everywhere on my bike (yes, I know I will have the best intentions of doing this once I get home, but give me an early start on a mid-winter morning in Canberra, and I doubt it very much!)

* The great connections and friendships I have made here, with both my workmates and other volunteers, many of whom I may never see again

* The staff of the Friends cafe all knowing my name, and their beautiful beaming smiles when they greet me

* Tonga Time

* Wearing thongs to work...also not having to worry too much about how I look (as long as shoulders and knees are covered, of course!). Not spending 20 mins standing in front of my wardrobe moaning that I “Have Nothing to Wear” – which is ironic, because I have 4 or 5 times as many clothes back home as I do here!

* The amazing snorkelling – and doing laps of the harbour to keep fit!

* Proximity to the beach; a half hour bike or boat ride is way better than a 2-hour car trip from Canberra!

* The warm weather

* The humidity making my hair and skin (aside from eczema, of course!) look fabulous!

* The sense of warmth and community that envelops so much of what Tonga is all about. This includes the fact that there is very little homelessness, or institutionalisation.

* Blogging – let’s face it, life back home ain’t THAT interesting!

* The view from work...when I go across the road to the waterfront to eat my lunch, and gaze out at the epitome of a tropical paradise – clear blue water, islands and palm trees. So, so beautiful!

*The cute little jumping spiders and geckos (not to be mistaken with the giant huntsman-type spiders or Giant Geckos of Fafa island!)

* Having as much water as you could possibly use, and more! No water restrictions here, where rain is measured in inches rather than mls

* Fish and chips – especially from Cottage Breeze, picnic-style on the waterfront!

* Faikakai – a delicious desert made from manioke flour in a sweet coconut milk sauce – mmmmm...

* Fresh young coconuts to eat and drink, freely available from any tree handy

* Being warm

*The amazing and random things that you just don’t get in Oz – like volcanoes and earthquakes!

* and finally, one of the surprise perks of living in Tonga was people not batting an eyelid at my name (Isa being a common shortening of the name Luisa), a first ever experience for me!

It has been a dynamite 10 months, that's for sure! Thanks for reading - 'ofa atu!


Skye said...

Sad to be leaving! Sad for no more Tonga posts too! Im glad the list of things you'll miss is longer than the things you wont too :)Its tough saying goodbye.. Ive still got 2 months to go, but already Im feeling the pangs of departing my life here. Enjoy your final farewells as much as you can, and no doubt see you back in Aus soon x

Isa said...

I forgot to add to the list these things:

* JJ's Indian curries - 7 pa'anga buys you the best lunch ever!

*Delicious fresh fish - as in, caught two hours ago fresh fish, every day! You don't get THAT in Canberra!

* The other volunteers - I am DEFINITELY missing them!

Dash said...

i'm glad your list is much longer too! i tell you, I won't miss the heat (or the cold from here) and that's saying something when I live in Ballarat.

Enjoy your tim back in Oz you lucky thing! And see you soon!