Friday, July 24, 2009

Tonga: A Post-Script

I just wanted to do a final (? Maybe not!) post on Tonga, now that I've been back for a while - 2 1/2 months, in fact!

It's funy some of the things that have changed. I find myself feeling restless to explore more of Australia, but the urge to go overseas is pretty non-existant.

I miss the warmth and friendliness of a non-western culture - now, if I smile at someone on the street and they smile back, I feel like we are co-conspirators in some kind of subversive plot to spread cheer throughout the globe!

I'm still riding my bike to and from work, though my 3 minute cycle has been extended to almost half an hour! Still, there's no wet season to worry about, and it's a great way to start and finish the working day!

I hate working full-time. I did some work for an organisation where I was only doing 6 hours a day, and it was perfect. It felt like I was working to live, not living to work. Now, it's like from the moment I wak up until a good 12 hours later my mind is somehow interacting with"work". There has to be a better way...

I no longer identify so much through my work. I used to find a lot of fulfilment in what I did, but now it seems a bit superficial and mindless. Now, even working as a curator I feel like a drone.

I want to make some radical changes in my life, but I'm still musing about what these might be. But I feel like the stuntedness of a life in suburbia has had it's day, and I'm looking for something more. I'll keep you posted - hopefully the ennui of everyday life won't make me forget...

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al said...

I agree! except for the riding my bike!!