Monday, April 05, 2010

On a Roll

3 weeks ago I started my roller derby training. Prior to getting these quad skates I had not rollerskated since I was about 7 years old. Even then I never owned my own, I'd have to hire them from the roller rink when I'd go with my little schoolfriends. My point is that I'm NOT an experienced skater - I've still never even been rollerblading!

Learning to skate has been a lot of fun. In between training on Tuesday nights I try to squeeze in some practice time at the basketball courts of a local high school. Unlike our training sessions, this surface is asphalt, so I take it a little easier as I'm scared of falling on it, even with all the padding.

I promised my cousin some photos of my crazy Derby Arms, but what with all the practise I've been doing I seem to have cut that out. What I USED to do, though, was unconsciously point my arms in the direction I wanted to go when I was learning slalom - like a lame-ass version of Robot Arms. I also used to do chicken arms when I'd do my plough stops - squeezing outwards with my elbows, trying through sheer force of their will to stop. From looking at the pics below I don't do that stuff anymore. Sorry Camille - I guess I'm getting better!

Practising my slalom using water-bottles. Arms looking normal!

Practising a T-stop


More slalom-ing. I swing my arms from side-to-side now, rather than pointing like a robot

Practising the plough stop, elbows pretty much by my sides.
Yay me!

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