Saturday, November 05, 2011

Really real estate!

Above: The photo of the south-facing front from the listing on

Wow, it looks like Clinton and I have entered the property market at last!

Our offer on a property has been accepted, and we are now under contract - conditional financial approval has been given, and now it's just the fiddly stuff. I'm trying not to think on it too much, as I know things can still go wrong and it's not a done deal yet - though obviously I'm comfortable enough to put it on the internet for everyone to see, ahem!

The house needs quite a bit of cosmetic work, but it's structurally sound. It's ex-Dept of Housing, and the previous tenants look like they left in a huff - there are some holes kicked and punched into walls, and in one area it looks kind of like someone brought a wet muddy dog into the house and it shook itself all over the walls! But this can all be easily fixed. I am looking forward to it. And yes, everyone who sees the photos thinks it looks just like out Ainslie house!

Above: Lovely original 1950s kitchen, with an east-facing window. Under all that linoleum are jarrah floorboards!

I woke up yesterday having a minor freak-out, thinking that perhaps entering into a massive mortgage when my husband doesn't even have a job in this state yet might be a crazy and ridiculous thing to do. My flatmate pointed out that she's said that to me a couple of times. I was like, "Really?" Clearly I only listen to what I want to hear!

But after speaking with Clinton I realised that it would be ok, and this was probably just a last-minute flutter of nerves. I mean, it's not like I didn't recognise the situation beforehand, I just never recognised it as an ISSUE, if you know what I mean.

Above: the overgrown north-facing backyard (though this photo is taken facing south, towards the house). It is a 749m2 block, with plenty of room for the dog and chickens. Also, the Local Govt have the most relaxed chicken laws of any LGA in the Fremantle area - I checked before I came over! This may well be the world's most expensive chicken house!

Overall I feel super-pumped about this new chapter in our lives. I think C is feeling positive too, though it will all only come together properly when he gets a job and moves over here.

Last time we moved house (into the Ainslie place) he said to me, "Let's never move house again." Well, we may never be able to realistically say that, but at least this time we'll be moving into our very own HOME!


Anonymous said...

Dude - it has jarrah floorboards and a hills hoist - whats not to be over the moon about! I officially offer house reno services when we get back into the country mid next year (although it may all be spick and span by then?)

Isa said...

Wow, mid-next year is already just around the corner hey! I'm sure we'll be able to find something for you to do, especially given your new-found skills of Egyptian tomb-building ;-p! Please come visit us!

Dash said...


and i'm back, sorta.

How's it going? Looks like things have been happening. That's quite a change from murky Canberra!

Isa said...

Yes, big changes Dash! I'm now in Fremantle, and C and I are doing the time apart thing again, while he looks for a job over here - at least we know we can get through it since Tonga! So where're you blogging these days?