Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh Canada...

We recently spent two weeks in Canada. Aside from coming down with two separate gastro-style illnesses while there and wasting 3 of my 14 days being bedridden, it was still a fun trip.

We stayed with the delightful Newluks clan, where my cousin's 21-month-old daughter promptly fell in love with my husband, and he earned the new nickname of 'Tinton', as she called him. Also, I experienced what -30 degrees celsius feels like. The answer, for those who don't know, is 'face-meltingly cold.'

Here are some of the highlights of our trip, in words and pictures.

Adelaide, aged 21 months

These signs sort of speak for themselves, really. In Dawson City, 530km north of the capital city Whitehorse

Aurora borealis activity seen outside of Dawson

Faux stone edifice, actually made of wood. Dawson City (sorry, don't know how to rotate the image!)

What you wear when you go out aurora-watching at midnight in -26 degrees: from top to toe - 2 pairs socks, ugg boots, overboots. Thermal long-johns and ski pants. Two thermals, a possum-fur-and-silk cardigan, and a down jacket. A scarf and a facewarmer. Earwarmers, a beanie, and the hood of said down jacket. Thermal gloves and down mitts. Also, don't forget the chemical hand-warmers, which you see me holding there!    

Pretty sure this would look better if it was oriented properly, but I'm gonna include it anyway!

Winter wonderland!

Clinton trying snowshoeing, in a pair of snowshoes that he nicked from the local historical society (not really, but they ARE old school!)

View of Fish Lake. What you can't tell from this photo is how numb my toes were, and how freaking cold the wind above the tree-line was!

-30 degrees celsius! It's probably worth pointing out here that the day I left Perth it was 35 degrees.
And this is what -30 looks like if you go out in it!

Hoar frost on the Yukon River
Moose skull

It's a snowflake!

C and I under an aurora sky - absolutely magic!

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