Friday, September 13, 2013

Road Trip 1

In my last few weeks in WA I am trying to do a spot of sight-seeing. This place truly is beautiful, and it seems a shame that I have seen so little of it in my two years here. So earlier this week Janet, Heath and I took a quick 3-day road trip to the Pinnacles on the coast, and New Norcia a little bit inland, all within a couple of hundred kilometres of Perth.

Arriving early to catch the sunrise

This odd assortment of shapes and sizes covers a relatively small area, and the theories around their formation are just that - theories.


One theory is that these lumps were once the root system of large tuart trees, and that the original soil line was much higher than what we see now.

Wildflowers at the side of the road

The New Norcia Hotel, where we stayed. Originally built as accommodation for the parents visiting the pupils at the (European) schools.

The Abbey Church

Decorated in the 1960s using a traditional style, where coloured plaster is put on the walls in layers, and then scraped back to give the effect of illustration

The monastery where the Benedictine monks live

Abandoned building made from bricks manufactured onsite

Oven doors of the now-defunct Mill House

Inside the chapel of the (European) Boy's School

There were lots of walls everywhere - walls to keep boys away from girls, and to keep Aboriginals away from Europeans  

Chapel in the (European) Girls' School, Saint Gertrudes

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