Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tonga the Trusting

Yesterday I went to one of the good shops (ie it occasionally sells soy milk, and if you're lucky brown rice), which is near my new house, thinking I'd quickly grab a few things before they closed for the day.

I only had fifty pa'anga on me, but I got so excited by the brown rice and Vita Weats that my groceries ended up costing more. Instead of telling me to buy only what I could afford or piss off, the very relaxed check-out girl told me that it was fine for me to take the stuff home and come back tomorrow to pay the remainder.

How awesome is that!


Susanne said...

Hi Isa,

What a nice story! I'm going to Samoa next year to work in the National Uni of Samoa Library as an AYAD. Hopefully I'll get to visit Tonga while I'm over there. :)

Great blog!


Dash said...

hey dude, isn't it great when that happens? At my regular hangout, I often forget to pay, but then remember half way home. Raj always laughs at me and says he would have just charged me next time.

fifthrowcentre said...

i think it's because you are a nice person and it comes across easily, at least to those who are receptive and deserving of a few warm beams from a radiant Isa