Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some more stuff I like about Tonga:Going off The Wall

I do need to occasionally remind myself about the things I enjoy about being in Tonga. One of the biggies is snorkelling. And the fact that you don't have to travel far to get good snorkelling. In all honesty, though I've seen an excellent assortment of fish in Vava'u and even on Fafa Island resort, the best coral variety has definitely been right here in Nuku'alofa, off The Wall in Sopu.

The pics above and below were taken last Saturday, when a group of 6 of us went off The Wall - this involves walking for about 500m to the reef's edge through waist-deep water, and then timing your entry and exits off the reef with the waves so as not to get smashed up on coral - best done an hour or two after high tide!

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Dash said...

keep that attitude going girl!