Monday, May 02, 2011

Another derby milestone

Okay, so it's been a while. A lot of shit has gone down since my last post. I'm losing my job in mid-July and frantically trying to find something to replace it with that will make use of my Masters in Museum Studies (rather than packing shelves at Woollies), but the cultural heritage sector in Canberra is looking pretty bleak at the moment, with all other museums and galleries in the same position as the NMA, so it's not looking good.

Plus I've been training my butt off for derby, with 3 training sessions a week. I do enjoy it, but jeez it eats up your life! Still, my attitude is that if this is what's required to be a good derby skater then it's what I'll do. There's a bit of whingeing about it out there, but I feel that if people don't like it they should either quit or switch to casual skater status, and not expect to skip training sessions but still be allowed to bout. Ok, here endeth the rant!

Speaking of derby - I had my first 'big girl' bout on Saturday night, playing to a packed out audience of 1,000 people at Tuggeranong Stadium. My team, the Brindabelters, lost by 3 points, but not before we had to go into overtime because the scores were tied at 98 apiece at full time! It was a nail-bitingly close finish. I thought I'd be gutted and downcast if we lost, but once I got over the initial disappointment I was just so stoked about having played a proper bout and how well we'd actually done as a team!

Can't wait for the next bout - May 28 here we come!

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