Saturday, May 14, 2011

Much better now!

Ok, now I'm over the initial disappointment I am feeling much more positive about everything! This is the perfect excuse to get out of Canberra, which is an exciting prospect in itself. I actually quite like life-changing shifts (as long as nobody dies), though I do struggle to avoid knee-jerk reactions to changes in already established patterns - like C changing jobs, or me having to move desks or something. But I am quite an adaptable person, and I always manage to cope!

I have seen a few curatorial jobs advertised in the last month or so (all outside Canberra, too!), which definitely gives me a sense of hope about staying in the industry. I think the thing that made me feel the most sorry for myself was the idea that I'd invested all this time and energy in a career as a curator and it looked like I might need to quit the industry altogether due to a lack of jobs, but fingers crossed I manage to land something somewhere.

Obviously wherever I end up will have to have a roller derby league, though!


BlitzkriegDeluxe said...

well if you somehow end up in the south east of Melbourne I know a derby league that would love to have you ;p

Isa said...

Thanks love! But it looks like I will be, in the immortal words of the Petshop Boys, goin' west! Stay tuned for more...