Thursday, June 02, 2011

A big week

This has been a pretty huge week for me.

On Saturday night my derby team, the Brindabelters, won our bout. It was the first win ever for the Belters, and it was an amazing feeling to be part of that victory. I was really pleased with the way I played. I think we have a very strong blocking team, as well as three pretty outstanding jammers, and ultimately it was our team work that helped to get us over the line. We worked as a very effective pack, swarming the opposition jammer together to shut them down. It’s a lesson I think VRDL taught us very well!

And, as it turns out, that was my last bout with the Brindabelters – because I got a job! I have been offered a permanent job in Fremantle, WA, as the Assistant Curator at Fremantle Prison, a convict-era jail.

This is pretty huge news. It means I’ll be packing up my life in Canberra and moving to WA for the foreseeable future. Luckily not only do they have two derby leagues in the area, but I have a very good friend living there, so at least I will know someone when I get there. C will take a little longer to head over, as he needs to find a decent job first.

And tonight our exhibition opens. I can’t believe how quickly the two years I’ve been working on it has passed, the last 12 months in particular. It feels like such an achievement, and in a way is reminiscent of our victory on Saturday night. Working together, as a team, we have made this happen. It’s not everyone who has the opportunity to work on a multi-million dollar permanent gallery in their career, and I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity.

Leaving Canberra will be sad, but I do feel ready to go. I’m excited about this next stage in my life and career, and feel very positive about how things are at the moment. So tonight, I’ll don a nice frock and stand in the crowds while the VIPs make their speeches and the higher-ups get the praise, but I’ll be holding a glass of champagne, and celebrating every one of my recent victories!

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