Friday, May 04, 2012

Sunshine and lollypops

Ok, so I have realised that quite a lot of what was bringing me down in recent months was the hopeless feeling you get when you don't have the right tools to do your job properly. I have realised this since Tuesday, when I was given charge of large amounts of budgetary funding, and the go-ahead to spend it on stuff I felt was important. Wheee!

Seriously, who doesn't love spending money? Who cares if it's on stuff like dehumidifyers instead of skate wheels or cheese, it's still loads of fun! In two solid and hardworking days the Assistant Curator and I have packed up and delivered 11 artworks to the framers for conservation framing, four artworks to the conservator, with another conservator booked in for next week, ordered two dehumidifyers, and purchased a $1300 vaccuum cleaner to clean our collection starage areas without blowing dust and mould spores everywhere - huzzah!

Things are feeling a lot better right now.


Melbourne on my mind said...

Spending work money is always more fun. Have you forgotten our curatorial expedition to Bunnings in search of water containers and Evil Genius rubber gloves?? ;)

Isa said...

Bahaha ha!

Anonymous said...

Awesome - so glad to hear they have figured out you know how to spend the dollarz to make the collection a happy one! Reminds me of the time we spent close on 500 dollars of ACT gov cash at Bunnings buying a variety of plastic tubs to keep fragile objects in in lieu of having a budget to get proper storage materials - Worked a treat with the acid free tissue!

Isa said...

Ha ha - given these comments you'd be forgiven for thinking Bunnings was the equal of Archival Survival, Zetta Florence and PEL as a preferred supplier of archival storage hey! :-)