Monday, August 13, 2012

Nearly, but not quite

So I made the team for the game against Brisbane later this month. For about 5 minutes! I was the first reserve player, a skater went out with a knee injury and I was invited to take her place on Friday; Sunday night training, boom - I get smashed in the head by a fellow player and am now out for three weeks with a 'head injury'. BUMMER!


Miss Prudence said...

Hi reading your blog - i had the same journey with my dad, same diagnosis, same outcome. I am also an ex Canberra gal who lived interstate during the final times and spent a lot of travel. I didn't have a cow of a step mother but instead a Johnny come lately brother in law whom i am actually had to say do you mind if i hold my dad's hand when dad called us to his side in final hours. Wow I am feeling all angry again as i write this and it was 12 years later. Love that you do roller derby and yep that looks like an Ainslie house! : ) Looking forward to reading more derby adventures!

sports fan said...

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