Saturday, October 27, 2012


You know when you're following a blog, and then the person goes silent for a while? You kind of wonder what happened to them, and hope it was nothing bad.

Nothing BAD has happened to me, but I spend a lot of my waking life feeling hemmed in and hopeless, due largely to a job that I find incredibly frustrating. It's gotten to the stage now where I write a FB status update, and get emails from colleagues who have misrepresented my words, claiming they are potentially offensive to others.

I've come from a place where inquiry and intellectual rigour were the norm and I've come to a place where... well, if I continue that sentence I WILL be being offensive (the words 'honest' and 'offensive' are pretty much interchangeable here).

I know people over here are sick of me whingeing about WA, and wish I would just fuck off back to the Eastern States. I too am sick of whingeing about WA, and for what it's worth, I'd gladly fuck off back to the eastern states - it's just a matter of finding a job to go back to!

I love the weather, and I love being close to the beach. I love that every single plant we have put in the ground here has not only survived, but thrived. But MY GOD I cannot stand the [CENSORED], the suggestion that [CENSORED], and the [CENSORED]. See, they've got me so paranoid I'm sensoring myself now!

So if I've gone a bit quiet it's probably because I don't have much more to say at the moment.

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