Tuesday, January 01, 2013


View from Peak Head, Torndirrup National Park
I never really believed in crystals or that kind of thing. But having just returned from a fabulous trip to Albany, which is firmly set on granite, I am wondering whether there is something to the idea of the vibrations from certain rocks or minerals after all.

I was born in Sydney, which is sandstone country. I've always felt comfortable with sandstone, and indeed in the bushland that thrives on it. Turns out I also feel comfortable on granite.

Both Canberra and Perth sit on limestone. Limestone is a young rock, whereas granite is sedimentary rock (like sandstone) that has been cooked, forged by the crashing of continents and the pressure of the earth. Granite has had some life experience. You know where you stand when you're on granite. Not like the shifting limestone sands of the Perth Basin...

Maybe what I'm getting at here is something like the Aboriginal concept of 'country'. That the place you are born in somehow indelibly marks you, and nothing can be quite right until you return there.

Good, honest granite!
 For the past seven years I've been living on limestone. I think maybe when I move again I should think long and hard about the landscape that I'll be moving to. In fact, since I'm aiming to move on from here regardless, maybe now is a good time to start thinking of some good sandstone or granite country to aim for next!

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