Wednesday, February 06, 2013

2 years ago...

This time two years ago I made a short trip to WA because one of my best friends was here. She'd just had a baby, and it was her birthday, so I thought it would be great to visit her.

I stayed at a friend of my Mum's place in South Fremantle and enjoyed walking to the beach and the cafes every day. Basically, it was an awesome little holiday, and made me go "I want to move to Fremantle!" There was Clancy's Fish Pub, there was Little Creatures Brewery, there was the beach. I loved it!

The next month I saw a job being advertised at Fremantle Prison, which I'd visited while I was over. I applied. I got it. It felt like fate.

Geez that seems like such a long time ago, but also like hardly any time at all.

Life is weird like that!


Melbourne on my mind said...

That was TWO YEARS ago?!?!?!?! Holy crap.

Isa said...

Yes indeed!

Wonder how that Rottnest Island seawater is faring? ;-p